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Monday, 20 November 2017

Introducing Ardmore Aesthetic’s Clear Skin Program

Many who suffer with acne have tried a multitude of possible solutions, which did not yield any good result. Instead of improving their skin, they found out that their skin became more sensitive and easily damaged. Dealing with acne can cause stress and anxiety, but finding the right treatment is now easier than before.

Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic is a medical and laser aesthetic clinic, recognized for providing comprehensive and inclusive aesthetic care. We only use the most state-of-the-art FDA approved machines, and the cutting-edge Korean technology, in order to deliver a wide-ranging customised therapeutic treatment for you.

Ardmore’s Clear Skin Program kills the bacteria that cause acne or lessen any irritation or uneasiness. We offer sophisticated light technology and mild chemical peel, specially formulated for active acne. Here are the treatments included in our program package that can help you achieve a clearer looking skin: 

Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing

Ardmore Aesthetic offers a painless and trouble-free treatment with no downtime involved. This treatment has detoxing properties from our specially formulated gel. It targets both external and concealed layers by entering deep down into pores and clearing the skin of congestions and blockings. This leaves a much-improved and better appearance. There is minimal soreness of the skin and daily activities can be continued immediately after treatment.


Ardmore Aesthetic’s Phototherapy is a high-class non-invasive, no downtime and safe treatment that can be used to address numerous skin problems. It is known as the medical grade LED Blue light therapy that offers anti-bacterial effects, and has an exclusive 415nm wavelength that generates an extremely toxic atmosphere for the acne microorganisms. Phototherapy intensifies collagen production and cures the skin from blemishes, while also declining the degree of breakdown of existing collagen.

Ardmore’s Clear Skin Program also uses acne masks to address skin problems efficiently. With the combination of Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing, Phototherapy treatments, and acne masks, our Clear Skin Program can be an essential answer for purer, richer and better skin. Learn more about Ardmore Aesthetics and our skin programs for a beautiful and younger looking skin on our website or contact 6734-6531.

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